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Circular Elevators ELR Series

The elevator devices of Positechnics are used to position any solid according to a vertical linear movement. We selected various sizes according to the loads to be supported and their dimensions.

Made of robust construction, the assembly of guidance (square for ELR series & circular for ELC series) rectified and prestressed, ensures the multidirectional rigidity of displacement. The vertical linear movement is ensured by a coils and worm screw system with no play.

Thru standard interfaces, all types of motors and encoders can be integrated to the elevators according to the applications.
Because of their design the EL series elevator tables can be adapted to the other Positechnics components.

External dimensions 1000mm x 500mm
Height 600mm / 900mm
Load capacity 1,000kg

External dimensions 1500mm x 750mm
Height 700mm / 1185mm
Load capacity 1,000kg

External dimensions 1450mm x 1200mm
Height 285mm / 315mm
Load capacity 2,000kg
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