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Radiation Shielding Sheet

e.g. shapesApplication : The shielding products are used to decrease the neutron radiation background noise and to improve so the signal / noise ratio at the detector.

Characteristics : High absorption for thermal neutrons. Can be cut by ordinary scissors or cutter. Waste material can be reused for 100%.

A flexible shielding material for thermal neutrons MIRROBOR is a rubber like material highly loaded with Boron. In its standard form, MIRROBOR contains up to 80 weight percent B4C. It can be bent in a small radius and even folded without breaking. MIRROBOR is especially suitable for shielding irregular surfaces, cylinders or other complex shapes.
Boron carbide (B4c) mass content : Bxx =50-80%
Available standard dimensions :
Thickness : 2mm to 5mm
Length x width : up to 1m² (1m x 1m)
Density : 1.5g/cm³
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