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Optical Components

Optical ComponentsThe neutron optical components are the elements of a spectrometer which define caracteristics of neutron beam before and after the sample.

Monochromator / Analyser focusing devices

The source (regulator volume compared to the nose of the channel) is a wide source from which it is possible to extract neutron beams of large dimensions.
The focusing monochromator concentrate, with a tiny loss of quality, the monochromatic beam and then increase the flow which arrives on the sample.
The principle is the reflexion of a wave by a curved surface (analogy with the focusing of a beam of light). But it is necessary to consider here of the condition of Bragg for the reflexion in the plan of incidence. Allowing that, the conditions of focusing will depend on the wavelength.

Diaphragm - Series D

The Positechnics diaphragms are used to define the calibration of the section of a neutron beam. It is composed of 4 independent shutters covered with a absorbing material - Elastobore® - the shutters are individually equipped with a D.C. geared motor with integrated rotary encoder and of two limit microswitches;
the unit is wired towards 2 standard connectors.
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